Aoyama Planning Arts is a new type of think tank that seeks to contribute to society through the creation of what the world has yet to see.
To this end, we invent and develop platforms that integrate strategy planning, art and technology and conduct social experiments using those platforms.

Strategy & Planning


We help design national strategies and strategies for elections, business and communication, as well as Olympic bidding campaigns, policy concepts, consulting programs for corporate leaders and seminars for employees, in a variety of genres from various angles. We provide extensive support for the entire process from strategy formulation to implementation.

Arts & Science


We combine science with images and designs of many different genres,
such as videos, plane and 3D designs, computer graphics, architectural designs, logo designs and websites, to provide new forms of creativity.

Science & Technology


We provide systems that are based on cognitive science and artificial intelligence (AI). Our offerings also include systems for new digital networks that connect smartphones and signage in place of websites.